Belos is a brand creating high quality sauces that will bring people together through honest home cooking. Belos sauces have been finely tuned to offer exciting range of sauces full of flavour to liven up your dishes and to bring a taste of the exotic, wild flavours to your kitchen.
Inspired by travelling around the globe, we have sourced the finest ingredients from South Africa and Mozambique for our range of sensational sauces. Relishing the fragrant spices we wish to bring the warmth and rich flavours of our travels back home to your family and friends.

This is where our journey began, after years of research we embarked upon bottling uthentic South African and Mozambican flavours with only the best ingredients.

Balancing and blending vibrant flavours such as chilli, salt, lemon, herbs and peri peri with a twist will add oomph to your cooking.
Belos sauces can be used in a variety of ways: from marinating meat for the  arbecue, a dipping sauce or to add a secret ingredient to your very own recipes.

“Food is at the heart of the home and family. It is a time where we are brought together. What is better than food cooked with love and careful consideration?
For me, there are few things better; good food is an essential ingredient to enjoying life!”


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