Belos Group is a name that has become synonymous with respect, credibility and amazing flavors since its inception back in 2009. Our inception, growth, and success has been the result of the passion and vision of the man behind Belos Habib Malik whose love of food and adventures adds that winning x-factor to the company’s portfolio.

Belos started with sauces that were inspired by Habib Malik’s travels through South Africa and Mozambique and the memories of amazing home-cooked meals. Those memories prompted Habib Malik to conceptualize and develop recipes utilizing authentic African spices to invoke the same feelings that he experienced during his travels.


“Food is at the heart of the home and family. It is a time where we are brought together. What is better than food cooked with love and careful consideration? For me, there are few things better; good food is an essential ingredient to enjoying life!”


The quote encapsulates the philosophy behind the Belos Method that is used to craft our entire range of products. The Belos Method is our carefully designed process that incorporates world-class quality controls to ensure the finest quality of organically grown spices are utilized in the crafting process. The actual recipes are the result of years of work and research to find the right texture and flavor profile that takes you to the remote fields of South Africa and invokes the emotions that are associated with the memories that inspired these recipes in the first place.

Currently, Belos sauces offer two range of sauces, one inspired by the origin of Peri Peri in Mozambique and the flavors of African bird-eye chillis. The other one is our Gold Range, which is crafted using the highest quality handpicked organically grown spices from a remote farm located near Cape Town, South Africa.

Once again Welcome to the Belos Family.

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