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It all started with a trip to Mozambique and South Africa back in the early 2000s. That trip ignited a passion for the flavours of the wild—chief among them the powerful chilli.

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A Tale of Passion and Chilli

When Malik Habib travelled to Mozambique and South Africa back in the early 2000s, he didn’t just bring tales of adventure with him home—he also brought spices. Falling in love with the heat and wilderness that flavoured the dishes he ate, he wanted to share them with his family. Eventually, this led to him sharing them with the world when setting up Belos.

Today, you’ll find world class sauces, spreads and other condiments from Belos that celebrate the flavours of Africa, but also draw inspiration from other areas of the world where chilli has a rich history.

All our condiments are made with 100% natural ingredients.

Quality should never be compromised. Our local producers in South Africa grow their own chillies that are handpicked and processed on site.

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The History of Belos

Today Belos is a trusted name in the food industry, enjoying respect and credibility thanks to decades of hard work and commitment. The success and growth of the company has been powered by the passion and vision of its founding chairman, Habib Malik. After visiting Mozambique and South Africa in the early 2000s, Malik started contemplating sharing the flavours he so enjoyed with world. This led to setting up Belos in 2009.

Malik’s love for food and adventure has added a winning touch to the company’s portfolio of sauces, marinades, spreads, and lots of other exciting condiments. Carefully devised manufacturing processes, world-class quality controls, and a devotion to research and development ensures brand supremacy in every market carrying the company’s brands. The secret behind the magical taste is the ingredients grown on remote South African fields. Those fields are known for the richness of their soil and the ferociousness of the winds that caress them; blessing the crops with an aroma from the nearby ocean. The heat of the sun further brings heat to the chillis—the hotter the climate, the hotter the chillis. 

All our sauces and condiments are made on site at the farm where we source our ingredients. Handpicked crops are lovingly prepared to exacting standards. Some of our sauces require that the chillis are sun dried, others that they are fermented for almost two years! All this takes commitment—a commitment to do right by the ingredients to bring out the best of flavours. Most of the ingredients we use are grown organically, even if they aren’t labelled as such. The salt is pure sea salt. When you buy from us, you buy directly from the land, not from a massive factory.

Passion and love fuel what we do, but hard work, a dedication to high quality ingredients and a determination to develop excellent processes is what has allowed us to come this far—all the way from southern Africa to your table.

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