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When Malik Habib travelled to Mozambique and South Africa back in 2009, he didn’t just bring tales of adventure with him home—he also brought spices. Falling in love with the heat and wilderness that flavoured the dishes he ate, he wanted to share them with his family. Eventually, this led to him sharing them with the world when setting up Belos.

Today, you’ll find world class sauces, spreads and other condiments from Belos that celebrate the flavours of Africa, but also draw inspiration from other areas of the world where chilli has a rich history.

Smoked Aubergine

Smoked pepper drops are blended with roasted aubergine to create a smooth spread. Perfect on a slice of fresh bread, or for your next tapas meal.

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Chilli and Its Aphrodisiac and Medicinal Properties—Do They Exist?

Chilli and Its Aphrodisiac and Medicinal Properties—Do They Exist?

It’s got a phallic look to it, it’s red, it’s hot…what else do you need to turn a spice into an aphrodisiac? Perhaps some medicinal proof that it “gets you in the mood?” Since many thousands of years ago, chilli has been used as an aphrodisiac, but are rumours about it being an aphrodisiac based […]

The Hot Story of Peri-Peri Sauce

The Hot Story of Peri-Peri Sauce

If you’ve tried peri-peri chances are that you got hooked. It’s the sauce that keeps Mozambique, Ethiopia and South Africa running. Even when the politics go south, the sauce keeps getting poured and bringing people together for steaming hot meals by the braai (that’s South African for BBQ). Tourists who come for visits often leave […]

The Wicked History of Chilli

The Wicked History of Chilli

In 2019, 38 tonnes of raw green chillies were cultivated worldwide. And that was only the green chillies. These little fruits from the nightshade family (all cloak and dagger—more about that in another blog) pack a punch so strong everyone has heard of them and, most likely, eaten them. They weren’t always a staple around […]

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Smotherings of Africa with Smoked Paprika

Smoked paprika can add a unique flavour profile to anything ranging from guacamole to meat marinades. This smoked paprika salt also has garlic and basil in it. Sprinkle over your next serving of fries, or add to your favourite Spanish or Mexican dish—that’s where this seasoning originated, even if our paprika was grown under the heat of the African sun.

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